Are We Saved by Love?

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Re: Are We Saved by Love?

Postby agricola2 » Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:40 pm

Acorn wrote:
teresa wrote:As Wright sees it, God "puts people to rights" so we can be God's putting-to-rights people here on earth. Our being saved is bound up with our pointing to, and embodying in advance, the new creation and forthcoming kingdom on earth.

This appears to be a very abbreviated view of Wrights view of salvation but it is very compatible with the Catholic view of salvation, but I don't see how he or anyone else could say salvation is not about getting to heaven. I will give some verses later on why getting to heaven is thought to be the chief thing we should want.

And that's just wrong, really. 'Salvation' as Jesus and his Jewish apostles would have seen it, would not involve 'going to heaven' but would instead have involved something more like 'achieving the properly desired life' or 'living mindfully in the kingdom of God' - ON EARTH.

In addition, 'going to heaven' to a modern Christian sounds nice and spiritual and all - but 'going to heaven' is most likely an idiom for 'union with God'. The word 'heaven' was FREQUENTLY (and commonly) used as a euphemism for God in late Second Temple times (and down to today, in many Jewish circles).

So if you are going to achieve oneness with the Creator (i.e., 'go to heaven') then there is certainly no reason to die FIRST. You can achieve that desired 'oneness' right here in your life, and simultaneously, by doing so, create 'the Kingdom of Heaven' on Earth.

Have fun.
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