Agreement to use Bulletin Boards 

1. Support Board  
You do not have to be a Christian to use this Support Board. This restricted board is open to all who have left the Churches of Christ regardless of their views. Some may be Christian, some Muslim, some agnostic, some atheist, some pagan, etc.

I affirm that I have left the Churches of Christ or I am in the process of leaving the Churches of Christ. (This is a support board. This board is restricted.)

2. Discussion Board  
This Board mostly comes from a Christian perspective.  Others are welcome to join in if they follow the guidelines at the top of each forum, and are careful not to hijack Christian discussions.   

 I would like to respond to this website, or discuss the Scriptures with people in and out of the Churches of Christ. (This board is open to everyone.)

Why these Bulletin boards?

There are many webspaces for  members of Churches of Christ to  discuss and debate various issues.

We realize there are many wonderful Churches of Christ that are not damaging and we praise God for them. See  Frequently Asked Questions.


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