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Bulletin Board Agreement

There are two Bulletin Boards attached to this website:
     a. One is for ex-members of Churches of Christ 
     b. The other is for anyone who would like to respond to the website or discuss the Scriptures and topics brought up by the website.

Agreement to use Bulletin Boards:

Click on ONE of the following:

a.I affirm that I have left the Churches of Christ or I am in the process of leaving the Churches of Christ. (This is a support board. This board is restricted.)

b. I would like to respond to this website, or discuss the Scriptures with people in and out of the Churches of Christ. (This board is open to everyone.)

Why these Bulletin boards?

  1. There are many webspaces for  members of Churches of Christ to  discuss and debate various issues.

    We realize there are many wonderful Churches of Christ that are not damaging and we praise God for them. See  Frequently Asked Questions.

  2. You do not have to be a "Christian" to use this Bulletin Board. The restricted bulletin board is about support for those who have left. Some are Christian, some Moslem, some agnostic, some atheist, some existentialist, some pagan.

Dialogue Board:

To make this Dialogue Board a safe place:

This board was created by former members of the CoC, and has both CoC and ex-CoC moderators.

2. The primary purpose of this board is to provide a safe place where current and former members can meet to discuss CoC doctrine, theology, and experiences in the CoC. However, we also talk about other topics such as the "new perspective" on Paul, or how we experience God in our own lives.

3. A safe place means we do our best to listen and understand each other's views, rather than making derogatory comments about the people who hold these views. Try to ignore any personal attacks or digs, and only reply to the subject matter. You may PM me or a moderator if you feel someone is violating the rules and you can't work it out together.

4. For ex-CoC who want a place to vent freely about the CoC, there is a Support Board where venting is part of the healing process. 

5. Please do not post lectures and articles, as the idea is to share our views in conversation with one another. This is not a place to exhort, admonish, preach, lecture, proselytize or warn people about going to hell. If you post a link, please disable it by changing the "http" to "h**p".

6. If you have doubts or disbelief about the Bible and/or God you can discuss them in the "Hearing God (or not)" forum with those who are interested. Please do not talk about your doubts or disbelief anywhere else, as this tends to get threads in other forums side-tracked.

7. This site is not about the International Church of Christ or the International Christian Church. If either one of those is your interest, there is a support group and information here.

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