Ex Church of Christ support group

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Frequently Asked Questions

by those in the Church of Christ.

Q: Why did you make this website?

A: My family didn't like it when I left the Churches of Christ. I looked online for a support group and couldn't find one, so I created one.

Q: I've been a member of the Church of Christ all my life and I've never heard of any churches like the ones you describe here.

A: Good. Only 20% of Churches of Christ are hard line sectarian. See here for an example of a hard line Church of Christ.

Q: Would you like to debate?

A: Sure. But I don't have a church that I'm a member of that would want to host such a debate, so I'm not sure what you would get out of the debate. Usually debates I have seen have two preachers from two opposing congregations speak. I'm not a preacher with a congregation. If you are proposing an online debate? Sure. Not on my webspace, though. It would have to be on your webspace or a neutral webspace. We would have to agree on a moderator.

Q: What is your name?

A: My family is occasionally difficult to deal with, so we don't publish our names.

Q: What church do you go to now?

A: We don't give out that information. One of the reasons is that hard line Churches of Christ members like to label people, categorize them, and thereby not deal with what they are saying.

Q: You have left the truth. Don't you know you are lost? 

A: No. 

Q: Why are you so bitter?

A: I'm not bitter. I'm angry, and I have listed the reasons on this website.