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Jesus' Picture of God


Jesus became increasingly frustrated with the Pharisees, so He told the story of the Prodigal Son:

To read the story in the Bibleclick here.

1. God lets go.

In the story Jesus told, the Father lets go. He does not control, berate or manipulate his son. He lets him go with all the blessings he can pile upon him.

2. God hurts.

While the son was still a long way off the father saw him and ran to meet him. He was standing by the window watching. Any parent who has had a drug-addicted child knows the feeling. It hurts. It feels like being crucified.

3. God longs for his children.

He ran to meet him.

4. God is humble.

Instead of being incensed that his son did not respect him, instead of demanding a full, mature apology from his son, instead of demanding his son to earn his trust again, he ran to meet him.

5. God demonstrates his love.

He hugged him. He demanded his employees put the best clothes on him.

6. God invited everyone into his joy.

He threw a huge banquet with music and dancing.

7. God celebrates his joy.

With a huge banquet with music and dancing.

8. God's love and joy are free.

He begged the older brother to enjoy his love all the time, and especially to enter the party now.

9. God's joy is a party.

Not a dirge, not a formal worship service, not a boring sermon. A party, with food and music and dancing.

10. God dances with joy.

What does that mean for us?

Jesus is saying we are to believe:

1. We are God's child.

2. God delights in us.

3. God longs to connect with us with his whole heart.

4. God runs toward us.

5. God embraces us.

6. God honors us.

7. God invites us to share his love and joy.

8. God dances with us.


Take forty days off of going to church, and, like Jesus, Moses and Elijah, use the time to meditate just on this view Jesus gives us of God, the Father, nothing else. See how it utterly transforms your life.

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